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The Clearlight Foundation is a non-profit organization that invests in alternative energy and other socially useful companies and issues cash grants to individuals who are working effectively for change. We are dedicated to saving the planet from the destructive effects of overpopulation, greed and short-sighted public policy. Global warming and pollution caused by fossil fuel burning are a particular focus.  We seek to encourage development of sustainable energy technologies and policies and are especially interested in the environmental effects of the emerging economies of China and India.

Clearlight president Thomas R Blakeslee’s books have been published in nine different languages. After serving for three years in the U.S. Navy, he earned a degree from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California in 1962. After working for IT&T in Antwerp, Belgium, he moved to Silicon Valley in California where he helped found several startup companies as Engineering Vice President.

 In 1980 he used his own money to found Orion Instruments Inc. He served as President and then Chairman of the Board until he retired in 1998. A prolific inventor, he holds patents in such diverse fields as photography, hydraulics, electronic circuits, information display, digital telephony, instrumentation and vehicle guidance.

Since retiring from Orion, he has focused on managing his own and others investments. After years of successfully investing in oil and gas stocks, he came to the realization that the burning of fossil fuels was ruining our planet through pollution and global warming.  His search for practical solutions led him to technologies where he found an amazing gap between potential and present reality. The Clearlight Foundation is his vehicle for change using his own and friend's personal savings for the good of the planet.

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 “Fuel Free!”  A rallying cry that is the opposite of “Drill Baby Drill”, it’s a vision of life without fossil fuels. This vision is not a dream but an achievable plan for our future. The only breakthroughs required are political. The science is already here, but hard work is needed to develop it further and create our new reality. Powerful fossil fuel interests have been blocking these efforts for years. The time has come for transformation to bring forth this bright new, fuel-free world. Instead of fighting wars for fuel we can create green jobs that will make us energy independent. The air will be cleaner and life will be better.

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